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There's nothing more heartbreaking than thought of a mother loosing her child. Whether a tiny baby or young soldier or accomplished businessman in his forties - a thought of a son or daughter leaving this world before their mother does is just so strikingly unnatural. It's a tragedy that defies our expectations of life, our 'basic trust' in the way things should work...

But as a parent of a child with special needs, I have developed a host of my own fears and worries that sometimes contradict common sense. For example, I am afraid to go and leave my daughter behind, to leave this world while she still needs me, before I can do everything in my power to help her, before I have every detail imaginable arranged so that she would be taken care of once I'm gone. I hope none of us ever finds out how it feels, to realize in our last hour that once we're gone, our child who still needs care, help, support and love will be left alone. Regretfully, Sveta's mom had to find out exactly how this feels as she died of leukemia in 2000. It was then Sveta's turn to find out what it feels like to feel worried, then helpless, and then heartbroken. And then - incredibly alone. Nothing we'd ever wish for our kids...

Due to severe rheumatoid arthritis Sveta ([ profile] luch_svetik) has been wheelchair-bound since five years old. Regretfully, none of the Ukrainian doctors has been able to help her, or at least prevent further destruction of her joints. With her mobility gradually diminishing, the world of this young woman keeps on getting narrower - it's limited to computer, bed, tv and telephone now. But she's using these things to reach out and fight for life, because if she stops, bleak future of complete isolation and slow demise in a nursing home is the only option left once her father is gone. And her father is unwell himself, unfortunately... Using her limited means but endless determination, Sveta sought out a hospital in Israel and a doctor who is willing to perform complex surgery replacing some of her joints and restoring at least some, if not most, of her mobility. Sveta's mom has raised a fighter!..

On her blog, Sveta has scanned documents confirming the diagnosis. She has pictures of her hands. She has calculation she received from Israeli hospital. This is all as real as it gets, people.. Just one part of the story sounds totally unreal and out of this world: the idea that a girl in Ukraine who barely makes it on disability payments will come up with 100-150 thousand USD it will take to make this surgery happen.

But if one person gives a 100, it only takes 1500 people. If one gives a 50, 3000. It's not unrealistic to reach 3000 people over the Internet. And even if not everyone can give this much, maybe someone will give more. Maybe someone can't give anything, but have heard of an organization that could sponsor some of Sveta's treatment... Come on, friends, we can do this. We can show Sveta's mom that even after she's gone, somebody will take care of her baby. For she will always be her baby, even when she's in her 30s and 40s... Of course, the harsh truth is, she may never live that long unless something is done for her condition. If the surgery is not performed reasonably soon, she won't even be able to sit in a wheelchair any longer and will become completely bedridden.

The information on many different ways to give can be found on Sveta's blog here: (scroll down past the story and you will get to links and account numbers).
If you need help figuring something out, because part of it is in Russian, just let me know. If you'd like to talk to her, her phone numbers are there too. I assure you, you won't fund a plea as legit and well-documented as this one, at least not easily. I understand times are hard for everyone, but if you can't donate, consider spreading the word. Maybe you know of a community where it would be appropriate to post this. Maybe you can e-mail someone. Tweet the link, update your Facebook, tell your friends. Every little bit helps us reach those 3000. Yes, I'm taking this very personally... I know I'm not the only one.

UPD: information for PayPal transfer is also available now. Sveta asked that it is give on need-to-know basis as this account doesn't belong to her, but to a volunteer in the US. If you're interested in giving, comment here and I'll PM you with all necessary info. Thank you!
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