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...особенно граждан РФ, т.к. сбор подписей и звон во все колокола должен быть "на местности":

Лично я бы этого парня хоть завтра усыновила. Но его ж любящие власти лучше сгноят заживо, чем отдадут зарубеж. Речь идет даже не о том, чтобы найти ребенку семью - а всего лишь о том, чтобы определить его в детдом, где ему хоть попу помоют! Тьфу ты, прости Господи...

В Германии, например, мать может подбросить ребенка в любую детскую больницу - там для этого есть такие анонимные приемники - безо всяких документов. Надо ли говорить, что узником больницы ребенок после этого не становится, да и без семьи болтается недолго. Наша соседка работала медсестрой и получила (в добавок к своим пятерым балбесам) мальчика-отказника с плохой наследственностью, временно позаботиться пока семью подбирают. Так он уже был у нее дома через 5 дней после рождения, и так у нее и остался. Симпатичный такой мальчишка, хоть и побил мне кусты мячиком :))) А уж на что в Германии законы строгие, да крючкотворные, да неудобные...

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Я не любила Аквариум, но совершенно случайно купила альбом Навигатор - и мне понравилось все, просто все до одной песни. Но больше альбомов ни Аквариума, ни БГ я не покупала - знала, что такого попадания больше не будет. Это был альбом для того времени и той - меня.. И сейчас воспринимается, как детское фото: неужели это было со мной? Но поется хорошо, и по-прежнему на ночь - тогда это была музыка в плеере, теперь - колыбельные дочке. Мда, растет второе поколение на колыбельных для взрослых :) Мне пели "Миллион алых роз" и "Город, который.." Подборочка, правда, вспомнилась депрессивная :), но зато мелодичная!
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Мается )
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Голубой Огонек )
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Это не просьба о помощи, которых сейчас много ходит по интернету. Так много, что даже больно иногда - ведь всем не поможешь.. Это пост в память об одном из "всех", на которого помощи не хватило. Давайте будем помнить, и в память - по возможности - отзываться на просьбы о помощи. Особенно тихие, скромные, однократные - может, кроме нас их никто не слышит и помочь больше некому...

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I've officially failed at NaBloPoMo - my original personal goal was to have a blog post at least every other day on average; well, that didn't happen, but I did get some things posted and overall blogging is fun again - and that is already an achievement. I don't know if I wish I did better.. Every time I get more active on social networks my prayer time suffers, and I already have to work hard to keep my Twitter addiction at bay, so I'm kind of glad LJ will never pose a problem - although if you think of the time I spend several times a day reading f-list.. Oh well, let's not go there. Obviously, my priorities are prone to sliding, and that's it. I will post about working on putting the first things first one day... But first things first! ;)

I was very determined this time and would have not dropped out if my schoolwork did not require 6 posts of 400 words minimums week on the class's discussion board. This amount of writing leaves me with great desire to write something else, but no power or time whatsoever. I think I even tweet less.. Anyway, it could be 6 decent-size posts a week. But not that I regret being at school :) I just wish I had time for both types of writing +million things more, like some people I know, whom I admire ;)

At this, I bow out & say goodbye to NaBloPoMo tag - at least for a year!
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I have had following questions appear on the Aardvark, and to be frank, didn't get all that brilliant answers. I know that best place for each of them would be appropriately themed community, and I'm even already a member of some, but it has taken me so incredibly ling to get them out there... So, as s step in that direction and in a hope that maybe some of you know the answers, here: my question for the Universe :)

- Is 'Handling a Young Child with Cerebral Palsy' really the best CP book on young children out there? It is really expensive and even though has great reviews, I'd like to know more about it.

- Anybody knows someone or has a child with hydrocephalus that has never been shunted? Looking to compare the notes..

- What is the easiest way to learn to knit: DVD or book or starter kit suggestion welcome.

- I am under impression that knitting is a bit easier to learn for a poorly coordinated person, am I right?

- How much hours weekly one needs to plan for practice with realistic expectations to learn how to play aqoustic guitar? I'm most interested to know, what is the minimum below which simply no progress is happening?

- I have two male guinea pigs that have never been around a female, thus never exhibit those pesky mature adult behaviors ;) Is it safe to house a female bunny in an adjuscent cage?

- Which of the special health needs are considered a reason to delay vaccination? I know German stance on it from our pediatrician, US experience is needed.

I'm making this post public in case you decide to refer to it / ask anyone for me. Thanks in advance for ever taking a look!

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Ok, I know it's nearly cheating to make the first entry about the thing itself, but I was actually wondering... Why NaNoWriMo, guys?? I know some of my friends participate, so I just want to understand why, psychologically, people love the idea. For me personally, I feel like writing every month, but I have no time and no month of the year, be it November or August, is going to give me more of it. But for those of you who have time, why don't you write the whole year round? I know you're good writers, so the urge should be there all year. Or is it actually just a myth, that urge they say a writer feels to put the words on paper, and is NaNoWriMo the kick you need to finally type down the story that has been living in you for a while?

Now, if someone cares to know why I do NaBloPoMo... They say it takes a month to form a good habit. Posting in my blog is something I enjoy & would like to do more often, so I consider it a good habit. In other words, if I make it through NaBloPoMo, odds are high I will keep on posting here fairly regularly, that's the goal. Plus, I have a lot of things I want to write about but sometimes they don't seem important enough to share. Artificial 'obligation' to post daily may let some of those things see the light :)


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