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I dislike the fact that lately I had no time for normal postings but these.. Yet, I plan on improving here over the next week (it is on my endless to-do list, anyway), and for now - enjoy this week's pick of great folks to follow on Twitter!

@thepainterflynn - as the alias states, the painter :) Also: rune reader, part-time healer, Irish man, Billionaire Dog owner (the dog is also on Twitter, by the way) and just plain and simple a person who is everything BUT plain and simple :) Wanna glimpse into the musings of an artist? Look no further, but take a look...

@LouisLeBeau - yes, I follow a cat. Not the only animal I follow and not the only crazy thing I do :) This creature is going through a very human rough patch: his battle with cancer. After the surgery, he's getting some chemo. Let's support Louis and also his faithful owner who doesn't spare no love nor expense to see this furball recover. He is adorable, too.

@MosherAngel - I was already following her for a while when we have suddenly discovered we have similar tastes in music. Who knew that this Brirish mom was into heavy-metal and hard-rock? Her musical picks have inspired me once to spend several hours tweeting my favorite songs of old and remembering high-speed driving they facilitated.. ;)) Like Stargazers by Nightwish, Dragon by Warchild, Declaration Day by Iced Earth... She tweets about her daily life mostly, and call me weird, but that's the kind of tweeting I find most appealing. As @thepainterflynn always says, 'real people - real tweets'.

@RickWarren - I'm sure there is not one who doesn't know him, but in case you didn't know he had a Twitter account - here you go :) I first heard of him in a Bible study group: we did a study on Purpose Driven Live and it had some video lessons for the class by author himself. I was so profoundly impressed by the book, I even did my homework at work on lunchbreaks :)

@VeryShortStory - very short indeed: 140 characters or less. Is it really literature? Decide for yourself, chances are, you'll think so...
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Last week I missed Follow Friday - well, I had a whole bunch of good reasons: Good Friday, my grandfather's death anniversary, urgent volunteer translations... But the truth is that I was, above all that, simply lazy. So no excuses here, back to work!

Follow Friday is the day (natürlich, Friday) when people share their 'friend lists' on Twitter to 'plug' people whose timeline they enjoy following. I love all the tweeple I follow, but I have randomly selected 5, as usual, to recommend to you today:

@life2orphans - charity I volunteer for (translating correspondence and paperwork) and also give to whenever possible. They organize sponsorship and donations to children in Ukrainian orphanages. The special touch of their programs is that you get to send actual packages, not money - although you can of course send money too. Yes, it's a lot more involved than simply doing a monthly transfer, but also incredibly more rewarding. Do check out their site; their Twitter is basically inactive right now.

@Kiva - this is a microloan portal, where investors are matched up with enterpreneurs in developing countries who need start-up money or money to expand. You can give (or I should say, lend) as little or as much as you like: individual contributions are combined until desired loan total has been reached. And yeah, they pay back!

@Pink - the only celebrity I follow on Twitter. Very real, down to earth.. Did you know she's an amazing cook too? The funny thing, I love reading her tweets and I used to like her music, but it's actually been years since I listened to it :) Oh, and right now she uses Twitter a lot less than before; hopefully it's just temporary..

@nixpixnix - mom to a sweet boy with special needs, very involved in UK special needs community. She has even taken professional training to become a life coach for special needs parents. Has wealth of information and is in general a sweet person to follow.

@SenJohnMcCain - I have respect for him as a person and politician, and even though some believe he would be a re-run of the president we has before, I don't think so, but I'm not looking back and neither is he. Follow him and you'll be surprised that not once in his tweets he attacks current administration or democrats in general. Now some of the bills and provisions - yes, for sure, but that's his job - and his job is what this Twitter channel is all about: votes, townhalls, speaking engagements... No controvercy here, just work.
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Rules of Twitter's Follow Friday meme can be found here:
Please follow my 'twitter' tag to find my previous recommendations. And if you don't use Twitter yet, come join the fun; it can be as busy or as quiet as you make it to be!

This week's picks - selected randomly from a pool of friends I follow who are ALL great:

@worldprayr - very very busy channel that transmits all the prayer requests they receive. DM them to get yours out there. Word of warning, though: they have so many tweets that I was unable to keep up with them within my timeline and had to arrange to read then separately once in a while.

@OMGFacts - interesting, often unbelievable but always true information about the world, one fact at a time.

@HandofHope - Joyce Meyer's mission outreach in some poorest, disaster-striken areas of the world. They rescue victims of sexual slavery, feed children, provide basic medical care. They don't tweet often but their site is worth looking into.

@cnnbrk - CNN isn't my preferred news source in real life, but if you want Twitter news channel that will tell you only the most important things without flooding your timeline, they are a great choice.

@dutchstrong - I'm glad at least one living person turned up on this random selection :) She is a football fan, an activist, a great friend and a U-Mich student. She's actively supporting several causes and makes a great deal of difference. Always very passionate about life, from homework to charity to time with her family. Very nice to her followers, too ;)
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@pshouseblog - attachment patenting, cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding mom. Has a blog and posts links to updates, but not only and even not mostly - don't let the name mislead you - it's mostly real-life questions, answers and moments (funny and not) from the life of a mom of an adorable toddler girl.

@emmasimms - a member of my British online clique (don't know if I dare say 'my', for who knows if I fit in, try as I may), as soon as I started following @VonOtter all kinds of nice people from that corner of the woods either followed me or I discovered and followed them. And you should too! :) She doesn't tweet often but is always very thoughtful and nice in conversations.

@JapaneseGuru - posts links to many interesting articles, mostly on studying Japanese language but also often on Japan itself, it's politics and economy. If that's your area of interest, don't miss!

@ChildFund - a charity I give to. I was looking for a charity that organizes child sponsorship in the most open, transparent and connected way, and although no one can trump @Life2Orphans in that regard, I already had been sponsoring a child through them, so my choice fell on this charity. They are awesome! I already got two personal, handwritten notes from my sponsored child, with translations, and I've only been a sponsor since October. They do quite a bit for the rural communities and disaster-stricken regions, and you don't need to sponsor if you don't want to: there are plenty of projects to give to directly and one time.

@THEFLYLADY - have you been FLYing? I mean, Fully Loving Yourself? It shows in the way we run the house, no matter whether we work outside of it or not (although this organizing system was first developed for SHEs - Sidetracked Home Executives, i.e. housewives :)). If the house is in a really bad shape, FLY Lady had a path of baby-steps to lead you out, but even if the house is sparkling, she may have a few tips and tricks to save time and escape perfectionism. In any case, check out her website and/or subscribe to her newsgroup if you're interested - her tweets have been scarce lately.

(Check out other entries with 'twitter' tag to see what Follow Friday is all about)
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Please see the story behind these series of posts here:

I know some of this week's picks may not seem random but I swear they are! :)

@BeNotAfraidNet - a great source of stories and information about babies that defied all odds, along with their mothers, who didn't give in to the devastating news of a scary prenatal diagnosis. Some of these stories are purely miraculous. A must-read for any mom who discovers her baby has special needs before she can even hold that baby in her arms.

@gabeslife - a peer support site for people who have hydrocephalus and/or their parents. Set up by parents of the little boy named Gabe who was taken by this treacherous condition way too early...

@Jenn1423 - an amazing person. A fighter and an activist, she runs Detroit hydrocephalus support group, organizes annual walks for hydro research fundraising and participates in many other charitable projects; in fact, she is even recognized by Hydro Association as a prominent volunteer - and she does all this work while battling hydro herself. She has a more complicated case of it, and had been through more brain surgeries than you and I can imagine, yet she knows the cure is near and she fights for the next generation to have it easier than she has had. Her story can also be found of (see above).

@elusivek - my good friend on here, she's [ profile] notte0 on LJ. Hard to describe her tweets and her life; she has many varied interests and topics, but none of them are boring. In fact, even the place she lives at is quite exotic - do you know where Macau is? ;) She's a real person with real tweets and posts, something that we all cherish in our on-line friends, don't we?

@Kehlen - another friend I follow both here and on Twitter; she's [ profile] kehlen_crow on LJ. She has the energy and determination to maintain bilingual journal, which is an unthinkable accomplishment for me, but her tweets are mostly in English. Another bright and interesting person, this time from Moscow.

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This was supposed to come out Friday, but I'm worse than dead, so I'm excused.. Seriously, we all have a serious case of stomach flu (most likely picked up at the hospital) and we all take turns turning inside-out and trying to sleep it off..

However, before the next Follow Friday rolls around, I would like to make my post to thank & celebrate 5 people I'm following on Twitter. Full rules of Follow Friday & why I'm doing it this way are in my first #ff post, please see it here:

Ok, without any further rambling, my Friday picks - totally random selection among those I follow & would recommend:

@molliemoon - she's on here too as [ profile] buttrflykissses. This is a very special follow for me, because she lives so close to where we're from in Ohio, it's like following your hometown buddy, you know? But I think everyone should follow her regardless of location if you want some down-to-earth, very real tweets from a very real person enjoying life and sharing it with others.

@LifeVerse - she's making jewelry, drinking coffee and reading Scripture :) I'm sure that's not all she does, but that is mainly what she tweets about. Scripture comes verse by verse in 'Scriptire blasts' that are usually very thoughtfully put together according to a theme. I have retweeted and saved for the future many a Bible verses she shared.

@VonOtter - I have once said she was my hero and I still mean it. Behind a picture of an otter and a lot of quality British humor and sarcasm hides a mother of three, oldest daughter disabled, who somehow manages to juggle hospital visits, school bake sales, trips, hens, garden, cats (several), house (all that with a husband constantly travelling for work). I'm not saying no one has it harder.. I just admire presence of courage in the absence of whining :) Plus, she's just a hoot to read :))

@HydroAssoc - American Hydrocephalus Association (for my relatively new pals on here, this is the condition Pee Wee has). They direct their efforts towards increasing awareness and fundrasing for Hydrocephalus research. Their tweets are few and far, but pick up seasonally as charity fundrasing walks in support of Hydro research are happening in many states across the US.

@mediocre_mum - tweets a lot, mostly very entertaining, about 80% life vs 20% Twitter activities: quizzes, fundrasing, flashmobs, fancy dress Friday contest... If you want to experience Twitter to the fullest, follow her and take notes :)

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On Twitter (and this post is public so that it can be accessed by my friends from there) there's a lovely tradition: every Friday you post the list of users you follow thar you'd like to recommend to others. Pretty soon though, this gets out of control: on Twitter, it's easy to follow enough wonderful people to get yourself a carpal tunnel even just pasting all their names into many (many, many) 'follow Friday' messages. And while your friends will be, no doubt, pleased to see you mentioned them in your recommendation (I know I am, every time), you most likely won't have a chance to post any details about them, so the chance they'll get new followers out if the deal is actually pretty low..

So here's the idea I shamelessly stole (with her blessing) from one of my Twitter friends: instead of doing the regular routine, I'll pick out 5 ppl I follow (randomly) and make a post here about why I think you should too, if you have Twitter acount, follow them.

My random pick for tonight - sorry to the rest of my Tweeple, I love you all, but the only way to keep it fair and hurt-feelings-free is to keep it totally random:

@Kadynsmama - She's here on LJ too, as [ profile] sarakadynsmama. Amazing, strong mom of a wonderful little boy Kadyn. Kadyn has hydrocephalus and their life is, naturally, affected by it - you can think frequent hospital stays, seizure meds, etc... Yet through all of this she stats fiesty, positive, loving. She doesn't tweet too much, and it's usually very light-hearted unless there's something major going on with Kadyn; I mean, she won't depress you yet will show and example of sacrifice and motherly love and enjoying the lemonade out of life's lemons...

@living_autism she doesn't tweet much, but once in a while she posts links to her very interesting blog about.. Well, about just that: living autism, day in, day out. Her adult daughter is autistic and lives at home; their life with its beauty and challenges is what the blog (and tweets) are mostly about.

@Angelfish42 - has a heart of gold, strong spirit (and is strong in Spirit). Doing a charity walk in Scotland later this year, June if I remember right. And by walk I mean a Walk: 80 miles, no less!

@JohnPiper - John Piper (I bet you guessed ;)), famous author, pastor, poet. I enjoy his sermons through a podcast (Desiring God, available on iTunes) and have read a couple of his books. If you want to go deep into faith matters, he's a perfect guide. His tweets are mostly scripture with his comments, sometimes poems, and occasionally - links to intereting articles online.

@lagloria - a lawyer, advocate for special needs (particularly - children with special needs in public school system), and special needs mom herself. She doesn't tweet too often, and shares a lot of important, useful information on disability law, IEPs, etc.


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