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As the Presidential campaign begins and various economic and political issues cause political debates to become increasingly heated, I feel that we stand divided - separated by the difference of our opinions - more than ever before. I was going to post this translation below as my response (even though not really mine) to this growing chasm. But then I realized that this piece is universally applicable. It is written by a Russian man from Sankt-Petersburg, and in the days when political rhetoric of some in his own home becomes especially violent and blood-thirsty, I would like to post this as a reminder to all of us, Russian- or English-speaking, Conservative or Liberal. It is a thoroughly Christian piece, hence it is under cut. Sorry, but I do not have an all-inclusive version: the author is a Christian. Russian-language original can be read here.

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Dear [ profile] evilvillan_1 suggested I write about healthcare. Somehow she could tell it would be a rant ;), and she was head on. But first of all, a bit of explanation/disclaimer:

I have an opinion on US healthcare reform, but I also have a very strong opinion about not speaking up where totally incompetent. I have about 0.0001 experience with US healthcare system, so I won't write about that. Neither will I write about Ukrainian healthcare, because, due to my family's totally negative experience with it, I have huge phobia towards Ukrainian doctors, hospitals, and overall medical system. In fact, it took me a lot of growing up to learn to trust any doctor. I'm not totally there yet, in fact. Nevertheless, I will talk about German healthcare, since I do have some experience with it, in fact since the birth of my daugter quite hands-on. But bear in mind that all opinions provided are those of doctor-hating hospitalphobiac with innate distrust for everything medical :)

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