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I've officially failed at NaBloPoMo - my original personal goal was to have a blog post at least every other day on average; well, that didn't happen, but I did get some things posted and overall blogging is fun again - and that is already an achievement. I don't know if I wish I did better.. Every time I get more active on social networks my prayer time suffers, and I already have to work hard to keep my Twitter addiction at bay, so I'm kind of glad LJ will never pose a problem - although if you think of the time I spend several times a day reading f-list.. Oh well, let's not go there. Obviously, my priorities are prone to sliding, and that's it. I will post about working on putting the first things first one day... But first things first! ;)

I was very determined this time and would have not dropped out if my schoolwork did not require 6 posts of 400 words minimums week on the class's discussion board. This amount of writing leaves me with great desire to write something else, but no power or time whatsoever. I think I even tweet less.. Anyway, it could be 6 decent-size posts a week. But not that I regret being at school :) I just wish I had time for both types of writing +million things more, like some people I know, whom I admire ;)

At this, I bow out & say goodbye to NaBloPoMo tag - at least for a year!


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