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Thank you [ profile] sylviabarrett - for reminding me about this great artist of my youth! (Yeah, being 30 I can say this now ;-p ). Not that he isn't great any more, I just kind of fallen out of listening to his work. But now, after a reminder from her, I have dug up my dusty old favorites - "Dance Me to the End of Love", and, even more so, "The Future":

And this one - this one I didn't even know was his, enjoying it in Ritchie Blackmore's cover - Leaving Green Sleeves:

"Alas, my love, you did me wrong,
to cast me out discourteously,
for I have loved you so long,
delighting in your very company"...

No wonder, he was born the same year as my grandmother (and on the day of my anniversary), and everybody and their brother covered him... I know Johnny Cash and Guns'n'Roses did. So, I got his two-disk Best Of on Amazon now and can't wait for it to get here!
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On Twitter (and this post is public so that it can be accessed by my friends from there) there's a lovely tradition: every Friday you post the list of users you follow thar you'd like to recommend to others. Pretty soon though, this gets out of control: on Twitter, it's easy to follow enough wonderful people to get yourself a carpal tunnel even just pasting all their names into many (many, many) 'follow Friday' messages. And while your friends will be, no doubt, pleased to see you mentioned them in your recommendation (I know I am, every time), you most likely won't have a chance to post any details about them, so the chance they'll get new followers out if the deal is actually pretty low..

So here's the idea I shamelessly stole (with her blessing) from one of my Twitter friends: instead of doing the regular routine, I'll pick out 5 ppl I follow (randomly) and make a post here about why I think you should too, if you have Twitter acount, follow them.

My random pick for tonight - sorry to the rest of my Tweeple, I love you all, but the only way to keep it fair and hurt-feelings-free is to keep it totally random:

@Kadynsmama - She's here on LJ too, as [ profile] sarakadynsmama. Amazing, strong mom of a wonderful little boy Kadyn. Kadyn has hydrocephalus and their life is, naturally, affected by it - you can think frequent hospital stays, seizure meds, etc... Yet through all of this she stats fiesty, positive, loving. She doesn't tweet too much, and it's usually very light-hearted unless there's something major going on with Kadyn; I mean, she won't depress you yet will show and example of sacrifice and motherly love and enjoying the lemonade out of life's lemons...

@living_autism she doesn't tweet much, but once in a while she posts links to her very interesting blog about.. Well, about just that: living autism, day in, day out. Her adult daughter is autistic and lives at home; their life with its beauty and challenges is what the blog (and tweets) are mostly about.

@Angelfish42 - has a heart of gold, strong spirit (and is strong in Spirit). Doing a charity walk in Scotland later this year, June if I remember right. And by walk I mean a Walk: 80 miles, no less!

@JohnPiper - John Piper (I bet you guessed ;)), famous author, pastor, poet. I enjoy his sermons through a podcast (Desiring God, available on iTunes) and have read a couple of his books. If you want to go deep into faith matters, he's a perfect guide. His tweets are mostly scripture with his comments, sometimes poems, and occasionally - links to intereting articles online.

@lagloria - a lawyer, advocate for special needs (particularly - children with special needs in public school system), and special needs mom herself. She doesn't tweet too often, and shares a lot of important, useful information on disability law, IEPs, etc.


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