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"The greatest adventure is what lies ahead, 
 Today and tomorrow are yet to be said,
 The chances, the changes are all yours to make,
 The mold of your life is in your hands to break"(c)

I don't really have a set of rules I follow in adding my LJ friends. If you seem interesting and/or nice, or we seem to have a lot in common, I will add you. It doesn't matter if you add me back, but if you write mostly friends-only, I will hope/ask that you do :) If you add me, I'll add you back if your journal seems interesting or you know me through a community or a common friend. If you are on my f-list, rest assured I read you. I'll comment every time I have time to comment & some thoughts on the subject, but if not - it doesn't mean I don't follow your story. 

But life. But if you just added me, or consider doing so, there are a few things you should know about me and this journal:

1. I am a Christian. I respect other religions and walks of life, and I don't preach or try to convert anyone in my journal. But the topic of faith does come up once in a while, and if you're going to be offended by openly religious statements, you probably shouldn't add me. 

UPD: Posts that are purely religious in nature are reserved to a special group, however. Please ask to be added, I'd be delighted!

2. I am a mother. Therefore, 60 to 90% of entries are going to be about my baby. It's not that I have nothing else to say, but being a mom I tend to be busy and being a mom I will post about my child first, anything else is optional :) You don't have to comment on every cute picture, although such comments definitely melt my heart ;) I realize that it's just not everyone's thing. I try to comment on your darling kiddos just because it's something I enjoy, and I don't expect total reciprocity.

UPD: I reserve more detailed updates regarding my baby, and most of the pictures, to the special circle of closest friends I know for a while. I mean no offence, I'm just an insanely superstitious parent :)

3. I have Jewish blood in me; just enough to make me absolutely intolerant of antisemitism, explicit or implied. I also support Israel as a country and a nation wholeheartedly.

4. I am pro-life, but I don't think that choice has to be taken away from a woman; I think that through education and social support we should promote family planning and choice of motherhood. This may come up in this journal next to never - I rarely post on political issues - but it may come up in yours, as I like to comment on them :) I can longer say I never post on politics, in fact, you may find quite a bit of such entries as I go through some political soul-searching at present, so do expect stuff to come up... On a similar note, I support equal rights for gay men and women and loathe homophobia. This will probably never come up here either, but be warned...

5. I am cosmopolitan. Not the magazine :) I consider myself a citizen of the world and I don't think that I have to be a patriot of any country just because I was born there. I care deeply for Ukraine, but I've grown to love and respect USA; I'm grateful for everything they have done for me and for the world, and I tend to react badly and comment nasty on posts that smear the US. By 'smear' I don't mean critical posts expressing one's opinion, those are always interesting to read; I mean disrespectful, derogatory comments about America and Americans. FYI, I am an American myself, even though foreign-born, and take my Pledge of Allegiance very seriously, despite all of my cosmopolitan worldview. 

6. This journal is formally bilingual (Russian/English). Formally - because practically 99% of posts are in English. I am trying to revive Russian-language posting, although there is still less of it. But you're welcome to comment in either language. 

7. This journal is mostly friends-only. There is more and more public posts lately, but anything more or less personal remains locked down.

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