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I love LiveJournal, I really do. It has become so much a part of my life, I cannot ever leave it - not voluntarily at least. It's the source of my inspiration, my creative flow, my social encouragement. It expands, if not substitutes, my social life, my real-life friendships, my support network. But LJ is also a major political scene (mainly Russian, because nowhere else, among the countries I care for, is political opposition self-exiled to blogs). I dig it, yes, I read some communities etc., but these recent DDoS attacks highlighted two major trends for me:

1. In life, you have to try very hard not to take sides on an issue - political or not, - and no matter how hard you try, you still may get lumped in with one side or another based on the things you did not say, did not do, or simply based on your proximity. So if one side is attacked and you have not been strongly and openly against it - prepare to go down with it. Many ordinary users of LJ had been affected by this sudden blow of DDoS even though they had nothing to do with Russian opposition. Heck, some of them downright hate it! But by virtue of sharing the same blog hosting... Well, to cut the long story short: watch carefully who's your neighbor. Association matters. Me, personally? I was honored to feel the pinch together with the people I respect, if that is all not a rumor. But...

2. ...but I really don't want to loose my entire 'internet footprint', i.e. virtually die for the cause. I don't care enough for that cause to do so. And the major exodus from LJ onto here only proves many people feel the same. That is a lesson to LJ: if they want to be a business first, political platform second, they have to stop favoring Russian top-bloggers over the majority of low-impact users who generate 99.9% of income. It is us 'blogger plankton' who splurge on paid accounts, extra icons and all that stuff. And it is us who come there to read those top bloggers and ring up LJ ad income. If a handful of LJs and communities are being attacked, bringing down the whole service - by all means, suspend them! No matter what they stand for and what it's all about! If I was one of those, I'd expect nothing else from my host, acting as a business. The fact that LJ stood by them and took a hit as well, dragging us all down along the way, shows that the service no longer sees itself as a mere business. Which is very noble, but hey - they still charge me for the service like a business would! ;)

So, in closing... I'll stay on LJ for as long as it lives, but I won't trust it to act as a business and make decisions in favor of the majority of its customers any more. Hence this Dreamwidth back-up: no ads. No political affiliations, implicit or explicit. Full LJ compatibility. New level of freedom... This is what we cosmopolites do: we take the best from every source and live the worst behind. That is why many patriots, including those of LJ, hate our guts :)
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