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As the Presidential campaign begins and various economic and political issues cause political debates to become increasingly heated, I feel that we stand divided - separated by the difference of our opinions - more than ever before. I was going to post this translation below as my response (even though not really mine) to this growing chasm. But then I realized that this piece is universally applicable. It is written by a Russian man from Sankt-Petersburg, and in the days when political rhetoric of some in his own home becomes especially violent and blood-thirsty, I would like to post this as a reminder to all of us, Russian- or English-speaking, Conservative or Liberal. It is a thoroughly Christian piece, hence it is under cut. Sorry, but I do not have an all-inclusive version: the author is a Christian. Russian-language original can be read here.

There are no "bad people".

All people have been created by God as good, created to inhabit the internal Eden of spiritual happiness and joy. But without Christ Adam's descendants, expelled from the Eden of joy for disobeying God, are governed by various false, sinful, prideful programs that control them every day and don't let them behave correctly, in accordance with God's will, and thus don't let them experience here-and-now joy of God. To the contrary: they lead the expelled mankind into evil, fear, violence, anger, jealousy, rebellion, stress, greed, suffering...

Pride rules the man if he isn't governed by Christ.

Little pride, big pride, obvious or hidden, abrasive-aggressive or hidden-polite.... Pride is the wall that separates us from the presence of God, separates instantly as soon as we enter under its command... "And lead me not into temptation" - isn't it about exactly this?
So, the way I understand it, it means "Save me from entering a state where I would be under control of my own desires, wrong and distorted programming, and most importantly - my own, ever-depriving pride".

Pride makes a man blind. A man loses spiritual sensitivity, he can't tell any more where God's will is leading him, what is truly Godly, righteous and good, and what is wrong, deceitful, bad. One can say with confidence that it's bad to steal. But how about - to be proud of oneself? To think that we deserve everything we get? To think that I (we) am/are better (or worse) than others based solely on our nationality, confession, social or marital status, health or other qualities like that.?

Pride divides people, turning brothers into competitors, envious and malevolent.

Pride is the true opposite of love.

In the state of pride we can only love "our kind", because "our kind" means, basically, us, our reflections, "ourselves beloved". And also, in the same state of pride, we hate all that is alien, not like us, somehow different... The world where pride abides is divided. It's a scary, violent and dangerous place.

And only Christ can cleanse us from our mistakes, errors, missteps, wrong programming, those that our very soul and psyche are built of...
And only Christ - and He alone - can cleanse us from the main cause of our blindness: our pride.
Only He, when we repent and surrender ourselves into His Kingdom, only He, when we ourselves open the doors of our hearts and accept Him as our total Lord and King, only He can become our undivided and ever-accepting love.

When every other person is myself, Christ loves me and that other person in the same equal and complete, righteous Godly love: that is the Truth and one can feel and feels every day. Truth=Love=Jesus.

To obey Him = to enter the Heaven of His joy.
To disobey = to suffer separation.

What do I choose right now?

Forgive me, God! Come in!

(c) [ profile] vadim_drapkin
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