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Deconstruction is a philosophic term that is more complex to define than the concept behind it. I love this quote from Wiki, it comes as close to giving an idea as possible while being sort of poetic about it:

"Whenever deconstruction finds a nutshell—a secure axiom or a pithy maxim—the very idea is to crack it open and disturb this tranquility. Indeed, that is a good rule of thumb in deconstruction. That is what deconstruction is all about, its very meaning and mission, if it has any. One might even say that cracking nutshells is what deconstruction is. In a nutshell. ...Have we not run up against a paradox and an aporia [something contradictory]...the paralysis and impossibility of an aporia is just what impels deconstruction, what rouses it out of bed in the morning..." (Caputo 1997, p.32)

If you really want to know what it's all about, read this:
It's lengthy, but brainy and hilarious and you will walk away knowing exactly what deconstruction is... Even if you might have to write an article as long just to explain it to someone else ;) 

Basically, deconstruction is an art of proving that any given text - from Star Wars script to Kafka's writing to your mate's last text message - is meant to say exactly the opposite of what it's actually saying. There are several logical hoops that you have to jump to arrive at this point, but if you're good enough philosopher or literary critic, you'll no doubt get there...

That is, if you're a guy. Because if you're a woman, you're born with innate captivity for this. Consider this old joke:
"A husband playfully addresses his wife as "my bunny". The wife thinks:
- He said "bunny"... This is an animal... He compares me to an animal.. Like a dog.. Are you calling me a bitch?!"
(in another version of this, she arrives at the conclusion that he called her a fat cow)

Now the real funny part about the joke (which is hardly funny in itself) is this: I firmly believe both genders are equally capable of pulling this crap. Only if you're a guy, you get to be a philosopher, heck, you even get to invent this technique as if it's not centuries old and reap the glory. If you're a woman - you're a laughing stake. Gee, I wonder why there aren't as many female philosophers out there?

I don't really mean any of this, of course; the point of this blog post is a challenge: prove this post only pretends to sound feminist while in fact it deconstructs to assert male intellectual superiority :) And whether you're up for it or not, consider this post a warm-up prior to real prompt entry.

P.S. Yes, I finished the last class before my self-indulgent summer break (in fall, I will go back to work and studies). So there will be entries in this journal again.. maybe :)


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